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Spotlight Press Release

During February 2007, Setec Security and its subsidiary, Setec Investigations, celebrated their 10-year anniversaries providing computer forensics and information security services to attorneys, organizations, government agencies, and nonprofit clients.

Setec Security, which was founded in 1997, provides Security Strategy & Planning, Security Assessment & Remediation, and Security Architecture & Integration services, while Setec Investigations focuses on providing Computer Forensics, Electronic Discovery, Litigation Support, and Expert Witness services.

"When Setec began in 1997, we anticipated that it would be successful, but we did not imagine it would succeed in such a big way," said Todd Stefan, Vice President. "In the past 10 years, we have grown exponentially, worked with thousands of clients, and have performed over 5,000 computer forensic investigations."

Setec is also proud that many members of its original team from 1997 remain with the company today, and Setec will be thanking all team members for their dedication to the company with a banquet honoring them at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

About Setec Investigations:

Setec Investigations is a subsidiary of Setec Security, a leading independent provider of vendor neutral information security solutions, incorporating a cross-disciplinary team comprised of computer forensic investigators, attorneys, law enforcement specialists, and seasoned business professionals offering unparalleled expertise in computer forensics and enterprise investigations. Setec Investigations combines today's most advanced computer forensics and litigation support expertise to provide intelligent, effective, and forensically sound computer investigative and litigation support solutions that carefully balance critical investigative requirements with vital legal and evidentiary needs.


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