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Spotlight Press Release

Setec Investigations, a regular contributor on 89.3 KPCC-FM, a public radio news station, was featured on Patt Morrison's radio program. In this particular segment of Ms. Morrison's radio program, which aired on January 2, 2007, Evan Carter, a Senior Information Security & Computer Forensic specialist with Setec Investigations, was asked to participate in a discussion surrounding privacy and the Internet.

Ms. Morrison was interested in exploring how information about an individual can be ascertained from the Internet and how to protect oneself from having such information identified about them. Mr. Carter participated in this discussion, which covered topics such as popular social networking websites, online blogs, and forum boards. Mr. Carter also directly answered callers' questions and comments and provided suggestions for protecting one's anonymity while on the Internet. Some of these suggestions included utilizing a web proxy and removing sensitive information from a computer's web proxy, as well as debating the use of dynamic versus static IP addresses.

For more information regarding privacy and the Internet, and to listen to Evan Carter's interview on Patt Morrison's radio show, please click here.

About Setec Investigations:

Setec Investigations is a subsidiary of Setec Security, a leading independent provider of vendor neutral information security solutions, incorporating a cross-disciplinary team comprised of computer forensic investigators, attorneys, law enforcement specialists, and seasoned business professionals offering unparalleled expertise in computer forensics and enterprise investigations. Setec Investigations combines today's most advanced computer forensics and litigation support expertise to provide intelligent, effective, and forensically sound computer investigative and litigation support solutions that carefully balance critical investigative requirements with vital legal and evidentiary needs.


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